Chestnut Dress - Super Easy Pattern Hack Tutorial!

Chestnut dress sewing pattern hack

With this easy dress pattern hack, I am back on the blog to show you a tutorial I posted on the CocoWawa Crafts YouTube channel featuring the popular Chestnut Sweater and Top sewing pattern. In this case, I teach you how to transform the top version into a comfy, beautiful dress (with bow at the back, of course), perfect for Spring and Summer, using a lightweight knit fabric from the lovely online fabric shop based in the UK, Cotton Reel Studio.

On this tutorial, I used version A of the top.

 Chestnut dress hack sewing pattern

For the hack, you will just need a pencil, some tracing or paper pattern, a ruler and your usual sewing tools: pins, thread, sewing machine, tape measure... Oh! And the Chestnut Sweater and Top pattern of course!

Chestnut dress hack sewing pattern

On the picture below, you can see how it looks from the front.

Chestnut dress hack sewing pattern

It is a great tutorial to get the most of your pattern and very easy to follow. Just click on the video and start sewing! 😊

Let me know on the comments how it went, if you are going to try this easy dress pattern hack, or whether you like hacking the patterns you already got. And don't forget to share your makes with the hashtag #chestnutdress.

Happy sewing!



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