Easy Blouse Sewing Pattern Hack: the Marshmallow Blouse

Easy blouse sewing pattern hack

Looking for an easy blouse sewing pattern hack? I've got you! Because... I have been busy hacking the Marshmallow Dress! So for all of you who already have the pattern, I have created a super simple hack that you can easily replicate to transform your Marshmallow from a dress to a blouse!

Blouse sewing pattern hack steps

So to start your blouse sewing pattern hack, you will need a pattern master (or a normal ruler) + a pencil and a marker to highlight lines in a different colour. Then, you take your Front and Back dress pieces and ruffle, and get to work following the steps below. Let's start hacking!

1. As the Marshmallow Dress is a very wide dress with a comfy and loose trapeze shape, you don't need to move darts in order to cut and create the blouse or to use the lines created to shorten or lengthen the actual dress as you will still keep the fit (although you can use them as well if you already have experience hacking and altering patterns).


Now take your pencil and ruler or pattern master and draw a line at the bottom of the Front dress wherever you want your blouse to finish and having in mind that you will need to do the hem as well. Forget about the pocket markings as you won't need them.

My line was 3 cm up the actual bottom. Redraw that line following the curve of the dress.


2. Draw another line from the armhole to the bottom keeping the trapeze shape. Mine ended at 5 cm from the right side. Do the same with the back and have in mind that you will have to align the buttonholes again. My blouse version has 7 with a distance of around 8 cm between them.


3. Now you have to cut the ruffle by half or just choose how big or small you want it to be. It is your choice! Mine had a width of 12 cm including seams.


And voilà! You just need to follow the steps from the instructions in the usual way, forgetting about the pockets, changing the buttons placement and you will have a brand new Marshmallow Blouse ready to wear! 







This is my version using a lovely fabric I bought in Japan 😃

Hope you liked this easy blouse sewing pattern hack, share your lovely #marshmallowblouse on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and see you again here very soon! And don't forget to get your Marshmallow Dress pattern here to make it yourself.

Happy sewing!


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