Guest pattern: Macramé Pot Holder with Frank & Olive

Macrame pot holder tutorial

Hi people!!

We have teamed up again with lovely Ruby and Kimberley from the super cool crochet brand based in York Frank & Olive, who have created for us a macramé pattern to make a pot holder!!

A super quick and easy project perfect for Summer and for all of you crochet and knitter fans wanting to give it a go at our chunky t-shirt yarn, also called trapillo or jersey yarn (if you are not sure what this type of yarn is, it is a mix of cotton, nylon and a bit of spandex and it comes from the overproduction of textile companies.

So instead of throwing out the remnants after making for example a dress or a t-shirt, that fabric is shredded and then rolled up in a kind of cylindrical shape :) ). Each ball has around 120 metres so plenty of yarn to work with!!


Macrame-pot-holder-Coco-Wawa-Crafts-t-shirt-yarn-finished (1)

And now for the pattern itself (and you don't even need needles!!!) :)

• 1 ball of Coco Wawa T-shirt Yarn
• Scissors
• Tape measure
• Metal or wooden hoop (to hang from)
• 6cm plant pot

1. Cut 4 lengths of t-shirt yarn, each measuring 2.5 metres.

2. Feed the 4 lengths of yarn through the hoop, until hoop is positioned in the middle, and fold lengths in half. Gathering all lengths together, tie a loose knot under the hoop to secure.


3. Separate the strands into 4 sets of pairs and knot each pair of strands together 40cm below the first knot (use tape measure for accuracy).


4. Spread out all 8 individual strands and cross over the ones that fall naturally next to each other. Knot the strands that cross over each other, 5cm below the last knots made (from step 3).


5. Knot the last two strands on either end, that do not cross over, 5cm below the last knots made (from step 3) as well.


6. Gather all strands and knot them together 5cm below the last lot of knots (from step 4 & 5).

7. Insert the plant pot and adjust the knots as needed, then trim the ends to desired length.


And you are done guys!! How cool is this project and how quickly to make!!


Show us your makes and happy crocheting!! #cocowawayarn



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