Hot Water Bottle Cover Tutorial

Hot water bottle cover tutorial

Hi lovely stitchers!

I am back to share a quick tutorial on how I made my own hot water bottle cover. My hot water bottle is basically my best friend during the Autumn and Winter months as I use it every day at all times when I am at home (I am using it right now as I write! hehe).

So! Shall we start? :)

Tutorial Hot Bottle Water Cover CocoWawa Crafts

What do you need to make your own hot water bottle cover

If you are a quilter or a dressmaker, you already have most of the tools:

  • Quilted fabric (you can of course create your own!): I used some leftovers I had from a waitscoat I made earlier this year. It is a yellow and white already quilted fabric I got on my trip to Japan in March.
  • Sewing machine and optional overlocker.
  • Pins.
  • Tracing / sewing / drafting paper (or any other paper you have around).
  • Pencil and a ruler.
  • Thread.
  • A pair of fabric scissors and embroidery / thread trimming small scissors.
  • Optional label and a piece of cord for the top.

Tutorial to make your own hot water bottle cover

Now that you have all of your tools, it's time to start.

1. Trace the shape of your hot water bottle using a pencil and your tracing / sewing paper (or any other paper big enough that you have available). Add 1.5cm of seam allowance all around. This will be your front pattern piece.

Tutorial hot bottle water cover CocoWawa Crafts tracing pattern pieces

2. Do the same for the back piece, then cut it in two, at the place where you want your opening to be. Then add 5cm at the bottom of the top part and around 4cm at the top of your bottom part. That way we can create an envelope type of opening. Then, cut your fabric.

How to make your own hot bottle water cover with quilted fabric

Cut pattern pieces fabric tutorial bottle cover

Quilted fabric for handmade hot bottle water cover

I also added a cute handmade label from Sarah Hearts and a piece of lilac cord.

Handmade label

Cord for handmade hot water bottle cover

3. Now fold the straight sides of the two back pieces twice by 1cm wrong sides together and press to create a hem. Sew them in place close to the inner fold.

Hem tutorial hot bottle cover water handmade

Press top hem hot bottle water cover handmade

4. Place with right sides together the front and the two back pieces. I placed the top part of the back first and then the bottom. Pin and sew all around using 1cm seam allowance (we are giving a bit of space to the bottle). Finish the seam with your overlocker or with a zigzag stitch.

Handmade hot water bottle cover tutorial

Pin and sew tutorial hot bottle water cover

5. Turn the cover right side out, give it a little press and place your hot water bottle inside! 🥳 Now you can enjoy super cosy Autumn nights with your cute handmade cover.

Hot water bottle cover tutorial quilted fabric

I hope you like the tutorial! If you make your own version, I would love to see it :) Please, share it on Instagram and tag me if you can

Thank you for reading and see you again here soon!



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