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Hi makers, quilters and sewists!

I am back again to talk about the latest projects I've made related to quilting. Some are useful things I needed and there is a whole new quilt as well for our bed. Ready to know more? :) Keep reading!

My aim this year regarding quilting, apart from keep releasing new patterns, it's been making a couple of quilts just for fun (maybe to use on the bed or around the house) and then create little things I actually needed (eg. glasses case) but giving them a twitst and make them quilty ;)

Quilted projects pouches and more

My first project was this super cute phone case bag for which I used as a based a free pattern from the lovely maker Georgie, based in Scotland. She also owns a beautiful online fabric shop.

Quilted phone case pouch

I created some HSTs with leftover scraps from other projects (I think these are Bella Solids), as well as using some lovely fabric from Tula Pink as lining. For the binding, I used this tape I had already created from a Ruby Star Society fabric I made for a virtual class a while ago. The wadding was again just some leftover I had laying around. Last, the lovely label is from La Petite Maison Couture.

Quilt phone pouch

The second project was actually two similar pouches or cases for my sunglasses and normal glasses. I was tired of seeing my regular black ones I got when buying the glasses, so I made these two :)

Quilted glasses case

Again, I used some leftover fabrics. The yellow and white one was an already quilted fabric I got on my trip to Japan. I had a bit left from a waistcoat I had just finished so I used it for this. Lining is Ruby Star.

Quilt glasses pouch case tutorial project

For the other one, I used again some leftover Tula Pink fabric, which I have already used for a tablet cover (and I still have some more left!). Lining is the same as in the other pouch.

Quilted glasses pouch

The next project I want to share and that I am specially proud of is this laptop case / sleeve I created using selvedges from fabrics I have been collecting along the years. It was quite tricky reaching the amount needed for my laptop size and had to keep adding more, hehe

Quilted laptop case

In the end, I added two solid stripes at the top and bottom on both sides for the zipper and bottom of the case. The lining is Ruby Star Society again (I know, I love their fabrics!) and most selvedges are also from them, as well as Pure Solids from Art Gallery or Cotton + Steel :)

Quilted laptop case selvedges tutorial

You can see a video in fast motion on my Instargram on how I made it.

Quilt laptop case sleeve

Quilt laptop pouch case sleeve tutorial

Last, I want to share my finished Ombre Gems Quilt by the amazing designer Emily Dennis.

Ombre Gems Quilt Emily Dennis

I basically used the same colours she used as well for one of her samples, I couldn't resist! It was so lovely... These are all V and Co ombré metallics. I am so happy with how it's turned out! As it is quite big, I decided send it to a longarmer and I am so pleased with the work she has done :)

Ombre Gems Quilt Emily Dennis detail V and Co fabric

And that's it for now! You can take a look at what I am working on at the moment on my Instagram. If you fancy starting quilting, I teach 1-2-1 virtual classes and you can always find my quilting patterns in the shop.

Thank you for reading and see you again soon here!


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