Bronze Trapillo – T-shirt yarn – Jersey yarn


Chunky and very yummy! This Bronze T-shirt yarn made out of cotton will make any crochet jump with happiness

Colour: Bronze
Length of yarn: 110 meters
Weight: Around 600 grams
Needles: 10mm for both knitting or crocheting

Out of stock

Out of stock


Only three balls of this darker but soft shade of yellow t-shirt yarn in our shop! This high quality trapillo comes from the off-cuts of cotton and nylon fabric remnants of textile companies based in Spain. The fabrics are shredded into long yarns and wrapped on this cylindrical type of shape, ready to be used on any knitting, crochet or macramé project.

Color: Bronze
Length of yarn: Around 120 meters
Height: 14,5 cm
Diameter: 12 cm
Weight: Between 400 and 600 grams
Needles: 10 mm for both knitting or crocheting needles

*Each ball of yarn has a slightly different weight and length but they should be pretty much the same.
**If you love a color, go for it! As they are made of recycled clothing, we may have this color this time but not again in the future.