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We are coming back this time with the relaunch of the Hazelnut Backpack sewing pattern. We released Hazelnut last year and we are launching it again with some new improvements on the instructions and pattern pieces. There is also a brand new step-by-step YouTube tutorial that you can follow on our channel and that will help you achieve the best results.

Description of the Hazelnut backpack

Hazelnut is a retro old-school style bag featuring three different sizes. If you want to carry your computer, you can go for the Big version that fits a 15’’ laptop, which is stored in a different compartment. The Medium size would work great for 13’’ laptops and last, the Mini option, which is perfect for kids of all ages. Of course, you can also make the Big and Medium sizes without the laptop compartment, mix and match the straps or use buttons or snaps, instead of press locks. And! you can make the Mini version for yourself :)

Hazelnut backpack sewing pattern

All options are lined, they come with two front pockets (gusseted-style or patch) and an internal one. You’ve also got the option of adding a zip at the top and choosing between padded straps or simple ones using just webbing. With detailed instructions, technical drawings and tips to get the best results, Hazelnut is the backpack that you will take everywhere you go, from holidays to a stroll around town or to work.

Materials needed for your handmade backpack

Apart from the usual sewing tools like your sewing machine, machine thread and optional topstitching thread or an optional zip presser foot, chalk or fabric pen, scissors, pins, needles or a tape measure, you will find below a full list of the more specific materials needed for the Hazelnut backpack and links to places to find them.

Hazelnut backpack sewing pattern
• A 46cm/18’’ closed end zip for top (big), 41cm/16’’ (medium) and 36cm/14’’ (mini). Also a 20cm/8’’ closed end zip for inside pocket (big and medium), 18cm/7’’ (mini). Two, if you want to add another ‘anti-theft’ pocket at the back.
You can find them here:
Sew Essential
William Gee

• 2 sliders with a width matching the one of the webbing/straps (2.5cm advised).
Sew Hot
Sew Hot

• 2 press locks (measurements change depending on brand. Choose the one that fits your backpack better) or alternatively 2 buttons or 2 snaps.
Sew Hot
Textile Garden

• 2 rectangular rings with a width of 4cm for the handle.
Sew Hot

• Around 2m/2.19 yards of webbing for the option without padded straps and 1.50m/1.6 yards for the option with padded straps. Apart from this you will need a strip of webbing that will run across the straps to secure them in place: 45cm/18’’ (Big), 40cm/16’’ (Medium) and 30cm/12’’ (Mini).
Plush Addict
Sew Hot

• 0.90m/36 inches (big and medium) or 0.50m/20 inches (mini) of interfacing.
Eternal Maker

• 0.50m/20’’ inches of wadding or foam for padded straps and laptop compartment.
Eternal Maker

Hazelnut backpack sewing pattern

International shops selling hardware materials for backpacks and bags:
Emaline Bags USA.
My Handmade Space for zips USA.
Strapworks for a bit of everything USA.
Bagmaker Supply USA.
Frameyourbag Portugal.
VoodooRabbit Australia.

Which fabrics you need for your Hazelnut backpack

The best fabric for your Hazelnut backpack would be canvas for the outer and a quilting cotton for your lining. You can also go for a raincoat fabric or even PVC. Here are some suggestions.

Croft Mills
Plush Addict
The Village Haberdashery
Ray Stitch

Quilting cotton:
Cloth and Candy
The Crafty Mastermind
Back Stitch
Plush Addict

Hazelnut backpack sewing pattern

You will find these materials easily in any fabric or haberdashery shop around the world.

Last, don't forget that you can find all tester options here and also, remember to share your makes on social media using the hashtags #cocowawapatterns#cwhazelnutbackpack, and #hazelnutbackpack.

Hazelnut backpack sewing pattern

Now… get your Hazelnut Backpack and let’s start making!

Happy sewing,



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