Meet the Cinnamon Trousers Sewing Pattern!

Make your first pair of trousers

Afraid of your first trousers sewing pattern? Fear not! The Cinnamon Trousers are a comfy pair of cropped semi-fitted pants that rest on the hips. They also have a mid raise, straight legs, back elastic waist, side invisible zip and... no front fly!

The pattern comes with two different options. One with back patch pockets and a more minimalist outline. And version B with optional ruffles or pleats at the hem and at the front inset pockets.


And there’s more. After hearing from our lovely pattern testers we have decided to give you two different fitting alternatives. You can go for a looser shape, not so tight on the hips (pink sample). Alternatively, you can opt for a closer fit, if you like more that style (black and white).




Fitting options for the Cinnamon trousers sewing pattern

- If you are looking for a close-fit and you yourself have narrower hips and a small bum, go for your true size of the close-fit option. Here you can always size up if you don’t want your trousers to be too tight on the hips. Or choose a smaller seam allowance at the side, inner seams and waistband, 3/8’’/1cm instead of the current 5/8’’/1.5cm.

- On the contrary, if your bust and waist measurements hit a size perfectly but then your hips are wider than what appears on the size chart, then go for the looser-fit. Here you can also size up if you want to be on the safe side. And if it still feels a bit tight, you can choose a smaller seam allowance at the side, inner seams and waistband, 3/8’’/1cm instead of the current 5/8’’/1.5cm. If the trousers end up being a bit bigger than expected, you can always take in on the side and / or inner seams.

In general, the Cinnamon trousers sewing pattern will be easy to fit if you have taken into account the above. And also thanks to the elastic back waistband, no front fly, side invisible zip and relaxed shape.

With lots of detailed instructions and technical drawings, and even more tips on how to get the best fit, the Cinnamon Trousers sewing pattern will become a staple, with a twist, in your handmade wardrobe.



Apart from this, there's also a vlog on our YouTube channel that will guide you along the whole sewing process in case it is your first time making trousers.

Now, get your Cinnamon trousers sewing pattern, turn your sewing machine on and let's get sewing!



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