Meet the Hazelnut Backpack Sewing Pattern

New Hazelnut Backpack pattern

Hi stitchers! And welcome back to a new CocoWawa pattern.

This time we introduce the first ever backpack sewing pattern for our brand. We are very happy for you to meet Hazelnut, a retro old-school style bag in three different sizes. If you want to carry your computer, you can go for the Big version that fits a 15’’ laptop, which is stored in a different compartment.

The Medium size would work great for 13’’ laptops and last, the Mini option, which is perfect for kids of all ages. Of course, you can also make the Big and Medium sizes without the laptop compartment, mix and match the straps or use buttons or snaps, instead of press locks. And! you can make the Mini version for yourself :)

All options are lined, they come with two front pockets (gusseted-style or patch) and an internal one. You’ve also got the option of adding a zip at the top and choosing between padded straps or simple ones using just webbing.

With detailed instructions, technical drawings and tips to get the best results, Hazelnut is the backpack that you will take everywhere you go, from holidays to a stroll around town or to work.

 Cover Hazelnut backpack sewing pattern

Big version backpack sewing pattern

Let's take a closer look now at all the size options and different materials needed for the Hazelnut Backpack. For the big version, which is 10 x 40 x 35 / 4'' x 16'' x 14'' (width, length, height), I opted for this beautiful cotton canvas from Ruby Star Society.

As it was not as sturdy as you might need to keep the structure of the backpack, I added interfacing to all outer pieces. For the lining, I went for a regular medium weight quilting cotton, also from Ruby Star Society. I used this material for all the versions as it gives a nice structure on the inside. Some outer fabrics, such as oilcloth, may not need lining.

Hazelnut backpack sewing pattern

This version also comes with buttons instead of snaps or press locks. For the inside of the padded straps, I went for this foam stabiliser. You can also choose any sort of rigid wadding or similar materials. And I used the foam again for the special laptop compartment that I added to this option.

The Big Hazelnut Backpack can carry easily a 15'' computer. I wanted to add a zip at the top as well which is optional and something you can add to any version. This way you may feel your possessions are more protected.

Clarification about the back of the design

Last, I want to clarify that you will see in the picture right below that our version (on all sizes available) doesn't come with a latest addition we have made to the design.

One of our amazing testers felt that the backpack didn't hang properly when wearing it, so she suggested adding a strip of webbing to the place where the straps are stitched to the flap. You can see how it looks two pictures below (all this has been of course added to the latest version of the pattern now for sale).

Hazelnut backpack sewing pattern

The backpack below is the updated version with the strip of webbing across the back.

Hazelnut backpack sewing pattern

For the hardware, I only used press locks for the Mini version (which you can see at the end of the post), but you will need rectangular rings for the top handle and backpack sliders on all versions. Mine were all from this shop, Sew Hot.

They sell lots of materials for bags and backpacks in different sizes and colours. Also, you will find all the information regarding what else do you need for your backpack on the booklet with the instructions that comes when you purchase the pattern.

Hazelnut backpack sewing pattern

Medium size Hazelnut sewing pattern

Moving onto the next size for your Hazelnut backpack, you can choose the medium version with a measurement of 9 x 35 x 31 / 3.5'' x 14'' x 12'' (width, length, height).

This option can also store a laptop, in this case, of around 13''. For this version I went for this amazing fake leather from Brighton Sewing Centre and a mustard quilting cotton for the lining. Also, instead of the gusseted-style pockets, I added patch pockets and some regular snaps in this brass colour.

I wanted for you to have different options as depending on the fabric you go for, it might be trickier to sew certain steps depending on the thickness of your fabrics.

Hazelnut backpack sewing pattern

The rest of materials are similar to the Big version regarding the foam for the straps or the hardware.

Hazelnut backpack sewing pattern

Mini Hazelnut option

Last, we've got the Mini Hazelnut backpack, a really cute option for kids or if you prefer wearing something smaller to carry less things. Its measurements are: 8 x 30 x 23 / 3'' x 12'' x 9'' (width, length, height) and you can play with the length of the straps -in this case I only used webbing- to make it work for you as well.

In this case I went for this super fun PVC fabric from Cloud 9 Fabrics and again, a quilting cotton for the lining. My version doesn't come with a top zip, but you can add it to any of the sizes.

I also opted for the gusseted pockets and press locks in this bright silver, again from Sew Hot (you can find the link on the paragraph about the Big version).

Hazelnut backpack sewing pattern

I think it looks really cool and and kid would love it for sure! Also, the fabric options are endless :)

Hazelnut backpack sewing pattern
Last, don't forget that you can find all tester options here and also, remember to share your makes on social media using the hashtags #cocowawapatterns#cwhazelnutbackpack, and #hazelnutbackpack.

Now… get your Hazelnut Backpack pattern and let’s start making!



*Fabrics have been kindly provided by Cloud 9 Fabrics, Ruby Star Society and Brighton Sewing Centre.

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