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Hazelnut Backpack - PDF sewing pattern

Hazelnut Backpack - PDF sewing pattern

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Learn to make an easy backpack sewing pattern with Hazelnut and up your sewing game with new techniques. Thanks to the step-by-step tutorial with lots of tips and drawings to guide you, Hazelnut will become your favourite handmade item!

The pattern offers 3 different sizes and lots of options to choose from. Padded or normal straps, gusseted or patch front pockets and even a laptop compartment and 'anti-theft' pockets are just some of the alternatives you can go for to make it.


Hazelnut is a retro old-school style easy backpack sewing pattern with three sizes available.

If you want to carry your computer, opt for the Big version that fits a 15’’ laptop, which is stored in a different compartment. The Medium one would work with 13’’ laptops and last, the Mini, perfect for kids of all ages. Of course, you can also make the Big and Medium sizes without the laptop compartment, mix and match the straps or use buttons or snaps instead of press locks.

All versions are lined, they come with two front pockets and an internal one. You’ve also got the option of adding a zip at the top and choosing between padded straps or simple ones. With detailed instructions, technical drawings and tips to get the best results, Hazelnut is the backpack that you will take everywhere with you. And! we have a YouTube tutorial with all the steps to help you from start to finish.

*The easy backpack sewing pattern Hazelnut is sold in a PDF format. This means you will receive an email with a link to download the pattern and instructions. Then, you will find two printing options available. First, A4 (divided in different sizes). Second, a copy shop version of the sewing pattern so that you can skip the assembling part. In addition, if you prefer US letter, there's an option already included on the files.

**If you have any doubts or questions, please send us an email to

***Some fabrics for the versions made by CocoWawa Crafts have been kindly provided by Cloud 9 Fabrics, Ruby Star Society and Brighton Sewing Centre.

****On our website you can find other sewing patterns, tutorials and a blog packed with tips and all things sewing. We also have a YouTube channel where you can learn how to make Hazlenut and any of our other sewing patterns as well as hacks, fabric hauls and more.

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Our easy backpack sewing pattern Hazelnut is perfect for those who have never made a backpack or accessories. As there are so many options to choose from, you will be able to sew the one that suits your abilities and also learn some new techniques along the way.

Suggested fabrics and requirements

Outer fabric: cotton canvas, PVC fabric, oilcloth, fake leather, dry oilskin...
Lining fabric: quilting cotton would work best. Also, if you are choosing a PVC fabric or a waterproof dry oilskin, you may not need to line your bag.


Big, medium versions – 150cm/60’’ width: 1m/1.09 yd of outer fabric.
Big, medium versions – 115cm/45’’ width: 1.4m/1.5 yd of outer fabric.
Lining big, medium versions no laptop, approx. all widths: 1m/1.09 yd.
Lining big, medium with laptop, approx. all widths: 1.40m/1.5 yd.
Mini version – 115cm/45’’ width & 150cm / 60’’ width: 0.60m/24 inches of outer fabric and 0.50m/20 inches of lining.

Tools and supplies

  • Sewing machine.
  • Matching thread and optional topstitching thread.
  • A 46cm/18’’ closed end zip for top (big), 41cm/16’’ (medium) and 36cm/14’’ (mini). Also a 20cm/8’’ closed end zip for inside pocket (big and medium), 18cm/7’’ (mini). Two, if you want to add another ‘anti-theft’ zip at the back of the backpack.
  • 2 sliders with a width matching the one of the webbing/straps (2.5cm advised).
  • 2 press locks (measurements change depending on brand. Choose the one that fits your backpack better) or 2 buttons if you prefer that option or 2 snaps.
  • 2 rectangular rings with a width of 4cm for the handle.
  • Around 2m/2.19 yards of webbing for the option without padded straps and 1.50m/1.6 yards for the option with padded straps. Apart from this you will need a strip of webbing that will run across the straps to secure them in place: 45cm/18’’ (Big), 40cm/16’’ (Medium) and 30cm/12’’ (Mini).
  • Interfacing: 0.90m/36 inches (big and medium) or 0.50m/20 inches (mini).
  • Wadding or foam: 0.50m/20’’ inches for padded straps and laptop compartment.
  • Other sewing tools: zip presser foot, chalk or fabric pen, scissors, pins, needles, tape measure...


Hazelnut comes in 3 different sizes: Big 10 x 40 x 35 / 4'' x 16'' x 14'' (width, length, height). Medium 9 x 35 x 31 / 3.5'' x 14'' x 12'' (width, length, height) and Mini 8 x 30 x 23 / 3'' x 12'' x 9'' (width, length, height).

Find inspiration for your Hazelnut backpack pattern thanks to our amazing team of testers.

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