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Coconut Pjs - PDF sewing pattern

Coconut Pjs - PDF sewing pattern

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Make your very own pair of pyjamas with the Coconut Pjs sewing pattern. A delicate and cute design featuring two versions and lots of options to make it your own. Learn how to create a casing, sew slant pockets or add ruffles.

The pattern comes with detailed instructions, lots of tips and a video tutorial so that you can get the best results.


The lovely Coconut Pjs sewing pattern features a delicate and feminine design offering two different options to choose from that can be mixed up as you wish.

For example, version A comes with long sleeves and trousers with slant pockets, while the collar features a casing with elastic that creates a lovely ruffle effect, which is repeated at the bottom of the sleeves. This can also be achieved with the known as shirring technique.

Regarding version B, it is perfect for the Summer months. You can also add a casing with elastic next to the hem, which is hidden on the wrong side of the fabric -achieved in a similar way using shirring. In this case, the collar is also elasticated without creating the ruffle effect, but a collar option is added on top. Having said that, all elements are interchangeable.

Last, if you prefer to opt for a simpler version pf the pjs, you can leave out the added collar or the ruffle on the sleeves or trousers and in addition, both blouses can be worn as daytime tops. Imagine the possibilities and how cute these two blouses would look paired up with a skirt or jeans!

With lots of detailed instructions, technical drawings and tips to get the best results, we are sure you will love making a pair, or two! of the Coconut Pjs sewing pattern. And to help you with some of the techniques, you can follow our special tutorial on the CocoWawa YouTube channel.

*The Coconut Pjs sewing pattern is sold in a PDF format, so you will receive an email with a link to download the pattern and instructions. Then, you will find two printing options available: A4 and a copy shop version of the sewing pattern so that you can skip the assembling part. In addition, if you prefer US letter, there's an option already included on the files.

**If you have any doubts or questions, please send us an email to

***The fabrics used for sample versions have been kindly gifted by Sister Mintaka and Like Sew Amazing.

****On our website you can find other sewing patterns, tutorials and a blog packed with tips and all things sewing. We also have a YouTube channel where you can learn how to make Coconut and any of our other sewing patterns as well as hacks, fabric hauls and more.

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The Coconut Pjs sewing pattern is aimed at advanced beginners and intermediate makers. This means that you will learn new techniques that will improve your sewing skills. For example, how to create a rolled or baby hem, how to sew slant pockets, create an elastic casing using bias tape or stitching sleeves flat rather than on the round.

Suggested fabrics and requirements

Cotton, lawn, rayon, linen, double gauze, crepe, flannel, chambray... Also, we encourage the use of natural fibres if possible.


Version A long sleeves and trousers – 115cm/45’’ width: 4.5m/4.92 yd
Version A long sleeves and trousers – 150cm/60’’ width: 3m/3.28 yd
Version B short sleeves and shorts – 115cm/45’’ width: 2.80m/3.06 yd
Version B short sleeves and shorts – 150cm/60’’ width: 2.20m/2.40 yd

Tools and supplies

  • Sewing machine & overlocker/serger (optional to finish seams).
  • Matching thread.
  • Elastic: 1.5m/1.64 yards and 0.5cm/0.2’’ wide (version A), 2m and 0.5cm/0.2’’ wide (version B). If only used in neckline (both versions), 70cm/28’’ and 0.5cm/0.2’’. For waistband all versions: 1m/1.09 yards and 3cm/1.19’’ wide.
  • Ribbon or bias tape for elastic casing: suggested all versions max. 2m/2.19 yards and with a width of a maximum 2cm/0.79’’ as this will be enough for the elastic.
  • Others: tailor chalk or fabric pen, safety pin, scissors, pins, needle, tape measure...


We have updated our size range which now goes as follows: UK 6 to 24 / US 2 to 20. Find inspiration for your Coconut Pjs and see how it fits different sizes.

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