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Nutmeg Trench and Jacket - PDF sewing pattern

Nutmeg Trench and Jacket - PDF sewing pattern

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Learn to make your first outerwear garment with the Nutmeg trench sewing pattern and jacket. Perfect for advanced beginners and with two options to choose from to make it your own.

We also offer two size ranges. Choose from the menu below after checking the measurements charts on the pictures.



Our first trench sewing pattern and jacket is here! With Nutmeg, you can opt for the trench in a gentle A-shape and knee-length or for the jacket, laying just below your hips and offering a closer fit. Both versions come with optional front patch pockets with flaps and with in-seam pockets for the trench. The sleeves have a slight gather at the crown and a full gather at the bottom and you can finish them with a normal cuff or with a sleeve placket and a cute bow. The flat collar is easy to assemble and has an optional ruffle running along the outer curve. Also, the trench comes with a belt and belt loops and both versions feature a front button placket. Lastly, the seams are finished using bias binding.

Without a lining, Nutmeg is the best garment to wear in between season or to layer up all-year-around and a great first outwear project for a beginner. You can use many different fabrics to get a more structured feeling using canvas or oilskin or a more drapey feeling using tencel twill, for example.

With lots of detailed instructions, technical drawings and tips to get the best results, the Nutmeg Trench sewing pattern and Jacket will become a staple, with a twist, in your handmade wardrobe.

*The Nutmeg sewing pattern and jacket is sold in a PDF format, so you will receive an email with a link to download the pattern and instructions. Then, you will find two printing options available: A4 and a copy shop version of the sewing pattern so that you can skip the assembling part. In addition, if you prefer US letter, there’s an option already included on the files.

**If you have any doubts or questions, please send us an email to

***On our website you can find other sewing patterns, tutorials and a blog packed with tips and all things sewing. We also have a YouTube channel where you can learn how to make some of the most difficult steps of Nutmeg and any of our other sewing patterns as well as hacks, fabric hauls and more.

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The Nutmeg trench sewing pattern and jacket is perfect for those advanced beginners wanting to make their first outwear garment. Without a lining, it will be an easy piece to sew. They will learn some new techniques like finishing seams with the bias bound method, creating a ruffle for a collar or how to sew a sleeve placket. Nutmeg will be a piece of cake for intermediate and advanced makers.

Suggested fabrics and requirements

For a structured finished: denim, twill, cotton twill, gabardine, canvas, oil skin…
For a relaxed style: tencel twill, linen, medium weight chambray...


Version A Trench – 150cm/60’’ fabric width: 3.5m / 3.9 yd.
*Bodice pieces don’t fit comfortably on 115cm / 45’’ fabrics.
Version B Jacket – 150cm/60’’ fabric width: 3.1m / 3.4 yd.
*Bodice pieces don’t fit comfortably on 115cm / 45’’ fabrics.

FABRIC REQUIRED SIZE RANGE UK 18 / US 14 to  UK 36 / US 32 (cup D)

Version A Trench – 150cm/60’’ fabric width: 4m / 4.4 yards.
*Bodice pieces don’t fit comfortably on 115cm / 45’’ fabrics.
Version B Jacket – 150cm/60’’ fabric width: 3.70m / 4 yards.
*Bodice pieces don’t fit comfortably on 115cm / 45’’ fabrics.

Tools and supplies

  • Sewing machine & overlocker/serger (optional to finish raw edges if not using bias tape)
  • Matching thread
  • Interfacing. Trench: 1.5m/1.64 yards. Jacket: 1m/1.09 yards for cup B sizing.
    Trench: 1.7m/1.85 yards. Jacket: 1.2m/1.3 yards for cup D sizing.
  • Bias binding to finish seams (optional). We suggest measuring the seams that you want to bind to get an aprox. amount of bias tape needed. Trench: max. 3.7m/4.1 yards. Jacket: max. 2.7m/3 yards’’ for cup D sizing.
  • 8/9 buttons for trench, 6 for jacket. Size: makers’ choice. Suggested 2.5/3cm//1’’ width.
  • The usual sewing tools: chalk or fabric pen, scissors, pins, needle, tape measure…


We have updated our sizes and now we offer two ranges: from UK 6 / US 2 to UK 24 / US 20 (cup B) and from UK 18/ US 14 to UK 36 / US 32 (cup D). Choose on the dropdown menu the one that would work best for you. You can also check the whole chart and the finished garment measurements on the images that accompany the pattern.

Find inspiration for your Nutmeg thanks to our amazing testers and from the high street.

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